Coghlans Survival Kit-In-A-Can


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Lightweight, compact and watertight, coghlan's survival kit

Contains 38 items which can provide warmth, shelter and energy during threatening times

Survival kit for both arctic and desert environment

Contains 38 essential items: Compass, Fire Starter, 9.8 Multi-Use Cord, 3 Wire, 4 - Waterproof Matches, 101 Fish Line, Soup Packet, Tea Bag, Sugar Packet, Match Book, 2 Antiseptic Swabs, Razor Blade, 3 Twist Ties, 12 Duct Tape, Signal Mirror, Zip-Lock Bag, 2 Bandages, 2 Nails, 2 Safety Pins, 2 Fish Hooks, Signal Whistle, Chewing Gum, Sewing Needle, Energy Candy, Note Paper, Pencil, Survival/First Aid Pamphlet.

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