Silva Expedition 55 Military Compass

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Probably the most resourceful compass in the world for artillery; target acquisition and command posts.


The Silva Type 55 is a unique compass featuring both an optical (prismatic) sighting system and a SILVA 1-2-3 SYSTEM compass in the same unit, giving unbeatable precision and versatility in the field. Bearings can be taken with accuracy to within half a degree. 6400 mils on the graduation ring and 6400 mils and 360 degrees on the sighting scale. Luminous needle, bearing point, and bezel. Slope card for avalanche calculation, and graduated lanyard (1:25k and 1:50k) included


  • Accuracy: +/_ 0.5 degree (8.9 mils)
  • Altitude use: 5000m @-15C
  • Resolution degrees/mils: Outer ring 2/50 Precision sighting scale 1/20
  • UTM position plotting scales (Romer scales): 1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k
  • Water resistance: IP68 (10m)
  • Settling time from 90 degrees to complete rest: 6 sec
  • Settling time from 90 degrees within +/_ 3 degrees: 4 sec
  • Weight: 39 grams