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Eighteen years in writing, this informative aviation theory book on the aerodynamics of helicopter flight is a must for any aspiring pilot.

Written by Captain Mike Becker, one of Australia’s most experienced helicopter instructors, who has over 15,000 flight hours, and is a recipient of the “Captain John Ashton Award for Flight Standards and Aviation Safety” by the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators of London.  Mike Becker started flying in 1984.  His career has been as diverse as the number of helicopter types he has flown – the smaller R22 to the larger B212 and Sikorski S62, and most types in between.   He has been operating a helicopter flight school since 1995.  As Chief Pilot and Chief Flight Instructor, Mike operates a fleet of over 20 helicopters and employs more than 30 instructors delivering over 10,000 training hours per year.

This theory book converts all this experience into a practical, hands-on full colour guide of over 270 pages.  Understanding aerodynamics theory, as it relates to helicopters, is key to being a safe and effective helicopter pilot.  Helicopter aerodynamics is much more than the rotor blades simply “beating the air into submission”, and although it may appear complex, it is a combination of a handful of very basic physics concepts.  A sound understanding of aerodynamics is crucial to become a much safer pilot by avoiding dangerous altitudes and situations.  

This book explores:

• Back to basics of physics
• Air and pressure
• Important definitions
• Lift and drag
• Helicopter specific terminology
• Power and performance
• Helicopter controls
• Stability
• Helicopter principles of flight
• Dangerous helicopter principles of flight
• Autorotation

This theory book has been tried and tested in the classroom by hundreds of civil and military students from all over the world who have benefited from the concise, informative and practical writing style.   It has been proven by some of the highest Civil Aviation Helicopter theory exam pass rates in FAA, EASA, CASA exam settings, and in the Asia Pacific region.

“Aerodynamics for Helicopter Pilots” is easy to read, and contains hundreds of colour photographs, illustrations and diagrams.  It is a valued addition to any aspiring helicopter pilot’s collection.

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