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The Bitster was built for accountability. The Bitster is a must have for tradesmen, mechanics, electronic repairmen, technicians, aviation repair, and anyone else looking to streamline their projects.

Bitster solves the problem of misplaced bits and other small fasteners. This means no more junky plastic bit organizers, no more cumbersome magnet trays, and most importantly, no more lost bits or screws on the job!

The Bitster is constructed of a special, high strength silicone. This proprietary blend is chemical resistant, heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and incredibly resilient. Hot bits or fasteners? No problem!
You demanded more hole sizes on the next model, and we listened! The Bitster now includes 4 different diameters with over 120 individual holes. This means you can securely store bits and fasteners from 1mm all the way up to 10mm!
Arguably, the most exciting feature is the addition of a magnetic tray. This tray area utilizes a neodymium magnet to store any of your loose fasteners you may need right on hand. It is also strong enough to allow the Bitster to stick to the side of a toolbox with up to 1 pound of fasteners inside!
Like the Boltster, the Bitster features a larger hole in the upper left corner. This is used for hanging your Bitster out of the way. It also pairs great with the included carabiner belt clip. Recommended for any tradesmen who work in the field and need both hands available.
The Bitster utilizes 120 holes plus the magnet tray.

What is a Boltster?
The term "Boltster" comes from the words "Bolt + Holster", or a holster for your bolts!

This silicone organizer allows you to keep track of all bolts, fasteners, and small tools which are prone to getting lost during projects. No more cups of bolts, no more time wasted looking for the correct fastener. No more installing the wrong bolt in the wrong hole!

Give us a shot... You'll be glad you did!


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