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Written by a commercial pilot with over 10 years experience in the aviation industry, and currently employed with Virgin Australia, Flight Training To First Job is the first book of its kind written specifically for the Australian aviation industry. With 12 chapters and accompanying photos and diagrams, it will explain everything you need to know about obtaining a career in aviation and progressing from general aviation to an airline. Printed in full color, this book is a MUST read for anyone considering flying training or a career in an airline
My name is Robbie Williams. I have been flying as a commercial pilot for over 10 years and currently work with Virgin Australia.
The reason behind writing this book or guide is because when I learnt to fly I didnt know the first thing about aviation. I found that there wasn't a lot of information available to people like myself, about what I should do before approaching a flying school, how to pick the right flying school for my needs and how I would use my new and shiny commercial licence to land my first flying job.The same still holds true today; pilots who are starting out lack the knowledge that others know about the industry which could help them avoid frustration and save money.
With practical hints and tips and written in an easy to read format, I hope this book can help you answer all of your questions regarding the flight training process, career progression and what to do to find that elusive first job. I also sincerely hope that it answers some questions that you may not even have thought of and will give you a valuable insight into the aviation industry which in turn could potentially save you thousands of dollars, time and painful frustration that many others have endured.

If you train, study and prepare well for a career in aviation you will find it goes a long way to being successful in the aviation industry. As you continue through your aviation journey you will hear of our industry being compared to a game of snakes and ladders. I have been lucky in that apart from a few setbacks and extended periods of time looking for a suitable job, I have been able to progress through the aviation industry and from job to job with not much hassle. Some others have not been so lucky and have found that they have been retrenched by one, two or even three different jobs due to bankruptcy of the company they were working for or through redundancies. Perseverance and a mentality of never give up will ensure that YOU make it through the tough times.

Title: Flight Training to First Job
Author: Robbie Williams
Pages: 114 Internal pages
Type: Softcover (perfect bound)
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
Premium paper with full color photos and diagrams

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