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The Heavyweight Nomex Hood is made in the United States and is flash protection rated to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.


7 Ounce Dupont Nomex
Fire resistance and flash protection to 800° F
TAA/GSA Compliant
Made in USA

SIZES: One Size Fits All


What makes Nomex fireproof?
Two superb properties of Nomex make it a perfect protective material for race-car drivers. Although Nomex burns when you hold a flame up to it, it stops burning as soon as the heat source is removed. In other words, it is inherently flame resistant. Just as important, the thick woven structure of synthetic fibers is a very poor conductor of heat. It takes time for heat to travel through Nomex; hopefully by that time, you're away from the flames and out of danger. In the original Nomex patent, five samples of the material were compared with five similar samples of cotton (the control) in a basic flame test. The cotton samples caught fire in just 2 seconds and burned for 13–430 seconds; the Nomex ignited much more slowly (after about 4 seconds) and stopped burning after a mere 5 seconds when the flame was removed.

Apart from high heat resistance and flame retardance (it doesn't melt or drip), the tough, woven structure of Nomex is extremely strong and doesn't react with water.

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