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With their modern styling, unique specifications and conformity to CAA approvals, the new uv400 Edge Pilot Spec from Rapid Eyewear further enhance their classic Mile High range of sunglasses. Grey category 3 lenses can be swapped with two further options to cover all light conditions.
The Frames
Made from an ultra tough TR90 material, Edge are lightweight and very comfortable. A unique feature are the ratcheted side arms, which can be micro adjusted up or down to make the sunglasses sit perfectly on your head. Further adjustments can be made by altering the width of the nose clip, making for a bespoke fit all round. The flat side arms fit easily under a headset.
The frames feature a wrap-around shape, which prevents the intrusion of unwanted wind and light from the peripheries of your vision. Edge are finished in a hand-sprayed matt black colour.

The Lenses

Three sets of lenses are supplied as standard. They are:
Category 0 yellow, for low light conditions. An AR coating on the rear surface reduces the glare of lights when used at night
Category 2, Red, for average or changeable light conditions
Category 3 Grey Mirror, for regular or bright sunshine
All lenses are decentred and anti-scratch coated. They are not polarised, and comply with all other CAA recommendations. Small vents on the lower part of the lens allows it to 'breathe', helping prevent mist patches forming in hot conditions.
The Package
Edge MH are supplied with a carry case, retainer strap and microfibre cleaning cloth as standard.
All Rapid Eyewear sunglasses comply with ISO 12312 and US Z80.3 regulations. As such, they offer 100% UVA / UVB (uv400) protection. They also comply with all Civil Aviation Authority recommendations for pilot sunglasses.


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