Simply For Flying - Children's Logbook

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Cutest Kids Flight Logbook ever!


Where are you flying to?


Take this personal flight logbook with you and start recording the details and experiences of each flight you take with the assistance of the flight deck.

This is sure to be a timeless keepsake, one which will be a cherished memory for many years to come.


How the logbook works:


1. Enter your personal details and make sure that your contact details as well as photograph are always up to date.

2. Place your logbook with your other important travel documents

3. Before your flight you can visit and head to the "printables" section where you can find some activities to take on board with you.

4. Once on board, depending on your flight time it's best to give your logbook to a flight attendant as soon as possible so that the flight deck has ample time to fill it out. The best person to give it to if traveling on an international flight would be the purser.

5. On most occasions you will receive your book well before the end of your flight. If you are nearing the end and you haven't received it yet a kind reminder to the flight crew should be made.

6. Once your logbook has be returned you may want to draw a picture or write a journal entry about your flight experience in the space provided for you.

7. Place it in safe keeping until your next flight

8. Enjoy your flying adventures!

Key Features

  • Personal Details Page
  • Bookmark Messages to Owner
  • Bookmark Message to Captain
  • 42 Flight Log Entry Pages
  • World Map
  • Time Zone Chart
  • Conversion Chart
  • Countries Visited
  • Aircraft Types Flown
  • Rear Keepsake Pocket