Sundowner of the Skies


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"In the early morning of 16 October 1930, Oscar Garden taxied his tiny open-cockpit Gipsy Moth across London's Croydon aerodrome and, with a wave of his hand to the only person there to farewell him, took off. He had carpet slippers on his feet and a packet of sandwiches on his lap. His plan was to fly to Australia, which was sheer madness as he only had a mere 39 flying hours under his belt. Miraculously, he survived in spite of several forced landings."

Oscar Garden was a pioneering pilot who embodied the daredevil spirit of the golden age of aviation when he successfully flew from London to Sydney in 1930 with only 39 hours of previous flying experience. This largely forgotten feat forms the centrepiece of Mary Garden’s powerful biography, which situates Oscar’s public exploits in his unhappy private life, and her own troubled memories of a distant father.

Beautifully written, Sundowner of the Skies is no hagiography. Garden eloquently evokes her father’s brief moment of barnstorming celebrity but frames it between his troubled childhood in Scotland and her own troubled childhood during Oscar’s long and resentful retirement in New Zealand. This cathartic family history is a profound exploration of inter-generational trauma and its effects on individuals, families and their shared memories.

ISBN : 9781760790936
Author: Mary Garden
Pages: 192

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