The Great New Zealand Deer Story

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3-DVD set. Includes Good Keen Men, The Venison Hunters and The Last Great Adventure. The ultimate classic hunting DVD set.

GOOD KEEN MEN (90 minutes)
For over 50 years New Zealand deer cullers blazed trails across much of this country's unexpored back country hunting animals that were damaging the bush and mountain lands. They became part of this country's folk law in a time before bureaucracy ruled the mountains. This story captures some of the characters as well as the humour, adventure and danger involved in what many believe was the greatest job ever.

Join Mike Bennett as he follows the development of the venison industry in the South Island of New Zealand. Meet some of the characters involved in recovering deer from the mountains, hear their stories and see unique original film shot by the hunters themselves. Relive this great adventure which transformed a noxious animal into a national asset.

This is the story of a special group of New Zealanders whose initiative and daring perfected the capture of wild animals. Relive their adventures from the ultimate net gun systems used by some of the finest helicopter crews in the world. Meet some amazing characters and hear their stories as they capture wild animals throughout New Zealand's back country and in North America.

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