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About Flight Outfitters

Flight Outfitters was founded by Mark Glassmeyer in 2014. Mark has loved all things aviation since he attended his first Oshkosh air show with his late grandfather, Ed Wickemeyer, and his WWII B-24 bomb group at age seven. 32 years later after college, four children, and all other things life offers, he finally earned his Private Pilot ticket. In 2005, Mark started a functional bag and case manufacturing company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. For years the company has made high end functional bags under private label brands for several industries like law enforcement, fire, EMS and pharmaceutical companies. The more hours he logged, the more he wanted to make flight bags for student and GA pilots. After more than a year of development Flight Outfitters® was born. Now the brand includes flight bags, kneeboards, flashlights and apparel.