Simple Green Safety Towels - 5 Sheets

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Simple Green Safety Towels are double sided - scouring side for tough scrubbing, and non-abrasive, smooth side for a lint-free shine.  These multi-purpose wipes are non-toxic, biodegradable, pre-moistened powerful cleaner and degreaser.

These are larger-sized for heavy-duty, multi-purpose cleaning. These can cut through grease, grime, wet paint, carbon, graphite and residue on equipment, machinery and manufactured parts. 
These wipes have an excellent wicking/fluid-holding capacity, are highly resistant to rot and mildew and have an abrasive side for tough scrubbing.

These wipes are NSF registered for use in food processing facilities and commercial kitchens.

Available in an easy-to-use dispenser or softpack for vending machine use.

75 Safety Towels - 10 x 12"
5 Safety Towels - 8 x 9.5"

Applications for Simple Green Safety Towels:

Cuts through tough grease, grime and residue on equipment, machinery and manufactured parts
Cleans oils, fluids, brake dust and other common soils in automotive and transportation settings
Ideal for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, MRO, automotive, transportation and more
NSF rated for use in food processing facilities and commercial kitchens
Quickly removes food and beverage spills from counters, floors and walls
Easily removes dirt, wet paint, adhesives and other soils from construction tools and job sites
Ideal for in-field and on-site use where access to water is limited or unavailable

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