Advanced Aerobatics By Szurovy and Goulian

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Next to flying aerobatically themselves, this book is the closest pilots can get to the advanced aerobatics experience. For the many pilots who do want or need to learn specific maneuvers, there is no better guidance than this book. A lesson-by-lesson guide, it combines accessible text from aerobatics champions with sequential cockpit view photographs and detailed graphic illustration to provide a hands-on primer on specific advanced aerobatic maneuvers. Each maneuver is given an entire chapter, with a clear description of its elements; discussion of the theory behind it; step-by-step details on how to fly it; a look at the finer points and common errors; and corrective measures to take if something goes wrong. Spicing up the lessons are the personal advanced aerobatic tips of such world and national champions as Patty Wagstaff, Les Loudenslager, Phil Knight, and Xavier de L'Apparent, and advice from U.S. National Team trainer John Morrissey. This book also provides coverage of training regimens, and high-performance aerobatic aircraft.

In this lesson-by-lesson guide, accessible text from aerobatics champions, sequential cockpit-view photographs, and sophisticated computer graphics provide an effective primer on 20 advanced aerobatics maneuvers.

Book: Advanced Aerobatics
Author: Geza Szurovy, Mike Goulian
ISBN: 0070633029

ISBN-13: 9780070633025 , 978-0070633025

Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: Nov 1996
Publisher: Mcgraw-hill Professional Publishing
Edition: 1

Number of Pages: 235
Language: English

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