Airport Wind Sock Frame 10 inch

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Airport WindSock Frame 10, 13, 18, 20 or 24 inch diameter (pole and fastening not included)

Fitting Instructions:

- Insert (drop) the 1" riser pipe (that comes out of bottom bearing) into a 1-1/4 OD (1-1/8" ID) water pipe at the top of existing pole.
- If you wish, a washer can be put on the riser pipe. Your pole will rest on this washer.
- The nipple of the bearing (where set screw fastens bearing to riser pipe) will rest on your 1-1/4" OD pipe or the washer.
- If your existing pole is a lot larger than the 1-1/4" OD pipe, make sure riser pipe does not rock side to side.

This type of installation in no way affects the function of the bearing.
This type of installation also makes it much easier to take the frame down when replacing the windsock.

If you receive a windsock frame with what appears to be damage to the paintwork, please note that this is normal. The paint is applied only for transit purposes and does not affect the function or quality of the frame, as it is made of corrosion-resistant steel. You can expect to receive many years of life from the frame even with visible chipping and scratches.

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