Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic - Thin Green Line (Matte Black with Green Line)


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The non-reflective, matte black Cap-O-Matic with the Thin Green Line printed down the face of the Space Pen’s clip and barrel shows our support for Fish & Game Wardens, Border Patrol Agents, Parks and Recreation Agents and conservation personnel and the work they do.

Technical Specifications
  • Pen Style: Retractable
  • Overall Length: 130 mm
  • Finish: Non-Reflective Matte Black with Green Line
  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Clip: Extra Strength Pocket Clip
  • Cartridge: Pressurized PR4F Fisher Cartridge, Black
  • Made in the USA
About Fisher Space Pen:

Original Fisher Space Pen – Pen used by the Apollo Astronauts as well as various other Space Missions.

These pens were developed for NASA, sent into space – and they work perfectly!

They do not only work in space but write upside-down, underwater, in sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic or in the Sahara Desert! You need a pen that is reliable – get a Fisher Space Pen!

It is used on all manned Space Flights- American and Russian.

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