Pilot Silicone Gel Ear Seals

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Designed for luxurious comfort, Pilot Communication Gel Seals are one of the finest ear seals available today. The durable high test polyurethane construction is unaffected by temperature extremes (+175 to -40/+80C to -40C). The unique gel centre conforms to the contours of the ears and head for the perfect fit. Pilots that wear eyeglasses or sunglasses will appreciate the way the Gel ear seals mould perfectly around frames without compromising comfort or noise attenuation. The "vented" design provides maximum comfort for extended periods of use. The Pilot Gel Seals deliver the highest quality and comfort at an affordable price and fit most major brands of headsets. Fits most David Clark, Avcomm, Pilot and Flightcom headsets Sold in pairs.

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