ViBAN IFR Visor - Without Nosepiece Attached

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Viban IFR Visor (without nosepiece attached) for those who wear glasses.

Also available as version VB1060 without nosepiece attached for those who do wear glasses.

ViBAN fits over smaller glasses but not larger glasses. We recommend this version for those who wear glasses, it comes without the nosepiece attached, the nosepiece can interfere with proper fit while wearing glasses. The nosepiece is included with instructions to gel super glue it on later if desired.

ViBAN is a breakthrough for pilots. The innovative eyewear blocks out what you don't want to see, a must when performing certain tasks. Amazingly, the sophisticated design folds compactly and weighs only an ounce.

Pilot Use
Pilots prefer ViBAN over other IFR view-limiting devices because it fits better and weighs just an ounce. Skillfully engineered, it provides a perfect view of the instrument panel while providing complete occlusion forward and to the side. Black in color, ViBAN is more soothing to the eyes than white or foggy products. Fast becoming the choice of flight instructors and students.


* Durable and flexible. Constructed from high-tech polymer it will withstand a life in and out of a flight bag.
* Lightweight, by weighing only 1oz. they won't cause fatigue.
* Effectively limits the view out the window and on the side.
* Use the quick adjustment cord to secure ViBAN gently in place if needed.
* Available in a sophisticated black color and its unique design allows one flexible size to fit most anyone (to include children 7 and up).
* Includes carrying case and adjustment cord.

"Get your ViBAN! It provides a perfect view of the instrument panel while completely blocking the forward and side views. It is inconspicuous and folds into a sunglass size case".
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