ATC Aerodynamics, Engines and Airframe Systems for the Air Transport Pilot

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This manual provides a reference text for part of the study of the ATPL subject titled, Aircraft General Knowledge at the ATPL licence level. The balance of necessary information is contained in a sister volume Avionics and Flight Management Systems for the Air Transport Pilot. The volumes were separated because of the complexity of the subject and the possibility that the examination was to be split into two elements. It is currently still one examination. This volume includes: * Aerodynamics - revision, transonic and performance; * Gas turbine engines and their associated systems; and * Airframe systems including flight controls, electrics, pressurisation and anti-icing. This volume contains reference material which has been made as practical as possible while still complying with the essential elements of the curriculum. The reference aircraft is the Boeing B767-300 but, where applicable, we have mentioned equivalent systems in other aircraft types. The aerodynamics remain the same. Author: Aviation Theory Centre ISBN#: 1-875537-80-5 Pages: 274

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